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I'm a Los Angeles native with a passion for 70s rock and roll, oversized knit sweaters, and cheap wine.


My love for the stage began with a reverence for the fluidity and discipline of Russian-style classical ballet; but as years went on, I broadened my curiosity by studying other dance styles and performance art forms. 


Fast forward. This somehow ended up with me going to college in Bloomington, Indiana for musical theater --- subsequently being here in New York City for the first time in my life, getting lost on the subways, ordering Halal at the corner bodega at 3 AM, and doing the damn thing.​ 

In case you were wondering: I'm half Japanese and deeply rooted in my heritage --- I spent most of my childhood hopping back and forth between my maternal grandma's house in Kobe and my hometown in LA. I was raised by two devoted, fiercely driven parents from whom I have so graciously inherited their hard-headedness and sharp tongue. But don't tell my mom that I said that about her.


When I'm not performing, I like cooking (and eating), listening to true crime podcasts, taking bubble baths, and being outdoors. I like to act like I'm tough, but I make it a point to stop and pet every dog I see.

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